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22.05.2007, 08:03 Uhr
Con / Conscript

... and who would be willing/able to compile stuff (with the little help I could try to provide if needed). I explain : I'm developping the ETPub modification running on ASD's server and I have no way to compile it for Macs. And in fact, nobody having a Mac is currently active at ETPub, so you could help there too. And maybe at Omni-bot too (not sure at all because it's close source).
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22.05.2007, 18:18 Uhr
SC / Supreme Commander

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first of all its 100% OK to write in english!

and 2nd.. im sorry i dont have a mac.. bot maby some other forum members
Rechschreibfehler sind volle Absicht und fallen unter mein copyright *g*
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